At Critchill School we believe that all young people should have opportunity to gain employment.  To achieve this our students will have access to a structured careers programme. Our careers programme will address the individual needs of each pupil; challenge stereotypical thinking and aspirations of pupils and their families; make clear links with our thematic planning; ensure a breadth of encounters with employers and employees; provide ‘real life’ experiences of work places  and build the skills needed to sustain a working life beyond Critchill School.

Key Stage 1

Real world play and visits integrated into themes to explore jobs in the wider community.

This will include:

  • Local Visit to shop and linked role play area set up
  • Local organisation visit
  • Explore community links
  • Visit from ex-pupil to read stories to students and share job at Open Story Tellers
  • Observe/visit Post 16 work placements: Frome market, allotment, rangers, Visit to school catering van
  • Visit to supermarket, exploring job roles.
  • Identifying jobs in town, library, shops, cleaners
  • Chef from local restaurant to visit

Key Stage 2

Explore jobs through practical objects.  Meet local employers.  Visit Post 16 provision. Talk about aspirations for ‘when I grow up’

This will include:

  • Explore jobs through practical objects and linked role play area
  • Meet and visit local employers.  Jackdaws Music Educational Trust, Sainsbury’s Bakery and Blackbird Dance Studio
  • Visit Post 16 provisions such as the catering van/allotment in the community.
  • Talk about aspirations for ‘when I grow up’.
  • Explore job prop boxes


Key Stage 3

This will include:

Develop aspirations for future employment.  Explore jobs that are available in the local community.  Be inspired by older students that are on work placement (and or employed).

Travel training – Can I Walk Safely In My Community.  Investigate Post 16 options including visit to local college.  Taster sessions of Post 16 work activities.

  • Meet and visit  local employers – Fussels Fine Foods, Veterinary Practice, Architect or builder
  • A day in the life of…..     Invite people in to talk about their roles    eg. Mayor, local charity
  • Exploring jobs – activities from “The Big book of jobs”
  • Talk by P16 on DoE
  • Visit to Lackham college
  • Work alongside Post 16 students on in-house work experience
  • Find out about what jobs our families do


Key Stage 4

This will include:

Developing a vocational profile.  Continue to have the opportunity to experience a wide range of work places in the community and meet employers.  Develop a clear idea of their own employment goals and relevant pathways to achieve them (including local colleges).  They will have regular employability lessons to develop key skills to meet requirements highlighted by employers.

  • Work on vocational profile
  • What does an employer want/need?
  • The process of gaining employment eg. Job advertisements, applications, interviews
  • Meet and visit once a term local employers/places of work
  • Visit from a local charity
  • Look at job roles in school and out of school eg. Parent Family Support Advisor, Care Profession
  • Managing money/bank accounts/ Personal Identification
  • Visit local college
  • Visit from Job Centre Plus


Post 16

In house work experience catering van, allotment, Frome Town Rangers. Continue to update vocational profiling.   Travel training, extended, structured work placements, based on skills and interests of the young person. When appropriate, supported internships, with a view to being trained and gaining employment with the employer upon completion.

In addition other skills such as personal hygiene/presentation, managing money/budgeting, building towards being employer ready.

Explore further and higher education opportunities.  Attend local careers fairs, job centres and other opportunities.

Review date June 2020

If you would like more information on our careers programme please contact Sally Smiles, Careers Lead,, 01373 464148

Careers Policy including Provider Access Statement

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