“Addressing each pupils’ needs at their point of learning”

At Critchill School each Key Stage has a carefully devised curriculum map. We have carefully considered where to position the experiences, skills and knowledge we believe our students need, in order to be successful on their learning journeys.

The curriculum maps we have produced are evolving documents. We will evaluate annually the success of each theme, against the National Curriculum. This will maintain the integrity of our curriculum coverage, continuity of skills development and the rich and varied experiences we expect to provide for all students.

In addition to this many students have the opportunity to enrich their learning opportunities further through additional Curriculum activities including:

  • Forest School
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Swimming and Hydrotherapy
  • Employer Engagement
  • Community Visits
  • A range of exciting activities offered from external providers

We value the acquisition of functional skills as we see these as the scaffolding for all learning. These skills are vital for enabling all students to access the whole curriculum and to enhance future economic and social well-being.

It is the responsibility of all staff to teach and extend basic skills in Mathematics and English. Opportunities for these to be acquired and consolidated are evident both in discrete and cross-curricular planning.

Work will be carefully planned to ensure continuity and progression. We are aware that pupils start at different points and progress at different rates and consequently appropriate, robust and challenging targets will be set for individuals.

Student’s progress will be monitored and assessed on a termly basis. Whole school tracking procedures are in place and intervention will be taken to support pupils falling behind expected levels.