Breakfast Club is run each morning with the support of Post 16 students. It opens from 9.00am – 9.15am
As a school we recognise that this valuable provision contributes to various positive outcomes for our pupils including:

  • reductions in the number of pupils being hungry at the start of their day.
  • improvements in concentration and in behaviour from pupils attending breakfast clubs.
  • the routine of the breakfast club allows pupils to settle into school more calmly and subsequently they are more ready to learn when lessons start.
  • opportunities for social development including developing friendships across year groups.
  • opportunities to develop ‘real-life’ money based skills and knowledge, when purchasing items.


What pupils say about Breakfast Club…

“I like doing it because I get to count the money.”

“I’m always hungry when I get to school because my taxi takes ages”

“I like helping the little ones”


As a school we fund Breakfast Club in order to ensure it is accessible for all of our pupils. We do however request a voluntary contribution of £5.00 per term to help towards the costs of both breakfast club and class snacks. The items available during Breakfast Club include fruit juice, cereals, toast, yoghurt and fruit.