Post 16 Curriculum

The Post 16 curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the needs of its students. There is a strong emphasis on personalised learning and preparation for adulthood.
We are committed to helping students achieve their goals beyond Critchill School, whether that is gaining employment, a college placement or further training. It is important to us to work with students and families to find out what those goals are and ensure a personalised route through Post 16 to achieve their aspirations.


Currently, accreditation is provided through OCR Life and Living qualification (Entry level 1 to 3). The students work towards achieving units in the areas Communication, Home management, Numeracy, Healthy Living, Arts and Craft and World of Work. Where appropriate most students also have opportunity to work towards their Level 1 Food safety certificate.


Work Skills

We have a number of in house work skills opportunities. These include:

Our mobile café/catering van.

This visits Frome Market every Wednesday. The students not only have opportunity to serve on the van, but spend time preparing food to be sold such as filled Paninis and home-made soup. Students are taught to take part in kitchen prep following strict health and safety guidelines and are taught to do key checks and procedures as part of their work. The catering van also serves onsite on a regular basis to visiting guests. Students also spend time in the classroom working towards their Food Safety Level 1 certificate. Students were thrilled to be awarded a 5 star rating from Food Standards this year.

The garden, poly-tunnel, allotment and grounds.

Students have opportunity to take part in a number of gardening activities both on and off the school site. These not only involve, preparing beds, planting and nurturing seeds and plants but also larger grounds work such as learning to use the lawn mower or leaf collector. Students are taught to follow clear work schedules and pictorial job lists with a strong emphasis on achieving excellence and independence.

Frome Town Rangers

Students work with Frome Town Rangers on a weekly basis helping to look after the green spaces in Frome. This helps our young people use their skills in a real life environment, learn new skills relevant to potential future employment and give something back to the community of Frome. Thanks to Frome Town Council for supporting this unique opportunity.

Work Experience Placements

We aim for each student, when appropriate to take part in a number of visits to work environments and to complete their own work placements based on their skills and interests. We are currently working hard to build strong links with our business community and hope to continue to develop this area of the curriculum under the “Working Futures” banner. It is our strong belief, that all young people deserve an opportunity to become employed and with the right support can find the right job and learn how to thrive in a working environment.


We currently work towards achieving the OCR Life and Living skills units in Communication and Numeracy. This is taught in the context of our Work Related Learning and other topics, such as PSHE. There is a strong emphasis on skills in everyday contexts and applying skills across a range of areas, for example extracting information from a recipe or seed packet, or producing a job list for a work task.

Personal Development

As our students approach adult hood, we are keen that they gain skills that will be useful to them for the rest of their lives, and also have their own interests and hobbies. The Home Management, Healthy Living and Art and Craft OCR Life and Living units provide an outline of skills that help develop good skills for looking after yourself and having a well-balanced life-style.

The PSHE curriculum, also includes key skills such as First Aid and Personal Hygiene


P16 take part in regular focus days on Online Safety and Sex and Relationships Education. We believe these are crucial to developing individuals who are better equipped to manage good relationships on-line and off-line and to look after their own safety

Duke of Edinburgh

Most students are given opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. It is offered at bronze and silver level. Please follow the link to find out more information